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Harper Junction - a novel by Glenn Campbell
In a miniature world lives an ordinary boy, 1/87th our size.

Harper Junction is a town trapped in time. It is a small American city in the first half of the 20th Century, a place of friendly people and wholesome values where folks don't bother locking their doors at night and hardly anything bad ever happens. Everyone has a job to do, mostly connected to the two railroads that pass through town. People go to work, raise families, celebrate holidays and go to church, but nothing ever changes.

On Maple Street, there lives a boy: Casey Jones, Jr. He is the son of a local hero who died on the rails, but he doesn't remember his father. All he knows is the house he lives in and the neighborhood surrounding it. Gradually his world expands, and as it does so do his questions. Why do the trains go 'round and 'round on the tracks without delivering anything? Why don't most of the local citizens have faces? Everyone is friendly enough, but most people seem to run on a loop, doing and saying the same things every day without learning anything.

Exploring the warehouse district with a friend, Casey comes upon a place of great mystery: the Edge. This is where his world ends. Beyond this cliff is a seemingly infinite abyss. Because his eyes are so small, he can't see very far, but something is out there, some cosmic intelligence, and Casey is determined to find out more about it.

There's only one problem with Harper Junction: The town isn't real. It is part of a train set in the basement of a hobbyist in Marietta, Georgia. Casey, you see, is made of plastic, a very special kind of plastic called Vivaplas™. Although less than an inch high in our scale, Casey has thoughts and feelings just like a full-size boy. "Why am I here?" he wonders. "What is this world all about?"

The Author
Harper Junction is the central community in a made-up land called Freedonia. Everything seems perfect on the surface, but it all depends on an outside force to keep things running, the all-powerful Creator. When He fails to show up for work, things spin out of control. Trains fall off the rails, and no one can put them back. Soon Freedonia itself starts to disintegrate—carved up in sections and sent away to someplace called “eBay”. Casey must find a way to hold his community together as the End of the World approaches.

Harper Junction is not a children's book, although children can read it. It is an allegory for the big problems of adulthood. This tiny world in a rich man's basement is a model of our own, and the characters face the same dilemmas we do. Casey and his two friends live in a world of faceless people. Only they have free will. How will they use it?

“The characters are quirky, and the entertaining plot twists make Harper Junction a fun read. It's creatively different and unique. Not your typical novel and definitely not your typical characters!... It might even make you reflect on your own human condition and the larger world you live in.” ~ Patricia Stein

Harper Junction is available now as an Amazon Kindle ebook (Published January 1, 2015). There is a 12-chapter free sample on Amazon (click on "Look Inside"). You can also read this PDF free sample of the first 100 pages. The author reads the first chapter in this 3-minute audio track.

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About the Author

Glenn Campbell, author Glenn Campbell is best know as a self-appointed Area 51 expert in the 1990s, appearing in dozens of TV shows and profiled in the New York Times (June 24, 1994). If you have heard of Area 51, it is due in part to Glenn's effort to organize information about the base and make it accessible to the mainstream media. A professed agnostic on UFOs, Glenn was known for his evenhanded approach to the many fantastic claims associated with the secret base. Glenn's first book was a self-published guide to exploring the surrounding area. His 1994
Area 51 Viewer's Guide is now available FREE as a PDF.

In the new century, Glenn has shifted gears, becoming more philosophical. From 2005 to 2008, he appointed himself the unofficial ”Family Court Guy” in Las Vegas, sitting in on court hearings and reporting on them on a website and a newsletter. He hoped to bring the same attention to child welfare, delinquency and divorce as he did for Area 51. (Profiled in the Las Vegas Sun, Dec. 18, 2005.) His experiences in Family Court became the basis for his first philosophy book, The Case Against Marriage.

Glenn is an accidental novelist. His first novel, Limbo, was conceived, written and published in 58 days. After this first spontaneous "practice novel," Glenn embarked on a much more complex one he has been contemplating for years. Harper Junction tells the story of a 3/4-inch boy living on a HO scale train layout. This 120,000-word novel, written in 2014, was released as an ebook on Jan. 1, 2015.

Employed in a field that allows him to travel, Glenn now does it continuously, with no fixed residence. He has visited 55 countries so far. His stunning photos from around the world can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Glenn's daily philosophical musings are found on a separate Twitter account: @BadDalaiLama (“the Dalai Lama's evil twin”). See his massive archive of photos, videos and written works at Glenn-Campbell.com.

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